Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Housewarming Party at Mark and Samantha's New Home!

What a party we had today (June 7th 2014) at Mark and Samantha's new home in Collinsville Oklahoma!  Sooo beautiful!

 Sweet Samantha answered the door all ready to swim, feed us and show us a great time!

 Their back yard is huge and beautiful with a large pool right off the covered patio.

 We had fun visiting with lots of family in the shade behind the house where we could watch the kids swim or play baseball.

 They chose up teams and really got competitive!

 Here is some of the other tough team of cousins, uncles and aunts!

 I think it was Grant that hit it over the fence a few times,

 or maybe it was Dennis.

 Samantha was pretty fearsome too!

 Could it have been Spencer?

 Gretchen could have hit it over the fence.
 Darren is too nice.

 Tyler only wishes he hit it over.

 But Lance climbed the fence and got the ball.  What a good boy!

 Back at the pool Maren and Leif are having fun,

 Along with Brianna and Carter.

 Grant makes a pool shot!

 Brooklyn and Emma have some quality time together.

 Leif loves to swim and play in the water as long as his mother isn't far away.

 Chandler is a really good swimmer, and cute besides!

 Kellen isn't crazy about photos and Leah was asleep.

 Leif is ready for a nap, too.

 We're so glad Darren and Melanie came. Darren had been on trek all week!

 Beckham and Sarah.

 The inside of the house is amazing, too.  I will save that for another time. It was time to go home right when Bryan fell asleep.

 It was a very fun day and just to top it off perfectly, Leif got to come home with us for the night! Being with lots of the family was the best part! Wish everyone could have come! Thank you Mark and Samantha!

Back at our house now, and I think Grandpa got a little sunburn! Thanks for sharing in our fun day!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Leaving Our Hearts in Cyprus

It's hard to say good-bye to such an experience,

to such great elders,

 to wonderful members,

 and interesting statues.

 My younger sisters, Claudia and Lovalyn, came

 to see the sights of Cyprus.

 They are going with us to Israel before we head home.  

This very morning, May 29th, at 5:00 am. we met all the other senior couples and President Georgieve at the airport to welcome our wonderful replacement couple, 

the Hansens, from Cubbuck Idaho!

Later in the morning our land lord, Alekos, came to collect rent and meet his new tennants.

Elder Bernskov and Koponen also showed up for cookies and milk.

We will cherish forever the friendships we have made,

the fun we have had,

and the difference these amazing people have made in our lives!

Thank you for sharing this mission with us!  We love you all and especially love the Lord for making this all possible.

One last Cyprus cat picture!