Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just looking through pictures- practising posting

Barry and Carin's cute kids: Grandpa holding Isaac, then Carmen, Chase and Halli girl!!

Chase is a great eater and a very good, smart boy!

So cute!  Not a bad puppy "Magic" either.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Missionary Prep

We are getting ready to go on a mission!  Dad (Virgil) is here after a hot day working in the yard.  We didn't submit this pic with our application!  Too sunburnt!  However, I look okay.  I stayed in the house all day. Brian helped with the dishes and took our pictures. He is a pretty good son in law and great husband to Michelle.

This and that--another practise with Jennifer helping

Sweet Samantha has brought so much to our family!!!

Grant with Joe and Kim's baby and Melanie's baby boy.  So cute--preview of things to come!

Darling sons of Bryan and Donna: Carter, Lance and Chandler.

Grandpa with Carter and Lance.

Carmen and Halli sleeping over at our house.  Angels in training!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Second attempt at blog

 Bryan and Donna's boys: Lyndon, Austin, Tyler, Lance, Chandler and Carter.
Shantelle, Lyndon and Gretchen.

This is my first attempt so don't laugh!!

These guys aren't married, but they are both Waltman's--Melanie and Jared. 

Brian Hayes and Isaac


Lucy and Virgil
A posterity of happiness
Aaron and Kim
The Case Family

Samantha and Mark

Breanna and Dennis

No one likes him!
The ladies love Grant!