Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another Cypriot Christmas

Christmas morning found the beloved flamingos much closer to the road.

 What a lovely Christmas gift!

Fishers and hunters, Elders Radnoti and Matthews, who spent the day with us, were searching for prospective flamingos to teach.

 Frank showed up bright and early at our flat to see what Santa brought us--and to borrow our camera to take pictures to send to Cameroon.  Almost all the people in our branch are alone and far, far from home and family.

 We were very blessed to have lots of people around us! Here is Eva, expecting us for a wonderful Christmas dinner at Ivanov's house on Christmas night.

 Our Christmas homesickness is certainly kept under control by enjoying Christmas with those we love so much!

 Alexia is always happy, and almost one year old.  She speeds around in her walker laughing and making everyone happy!

 Her father, President Ivanov, caught a Christmas hedge hog, that wouldn't come out of it's ball.  No, we didn't eat it.

 December 26 is Boxing Day in Cyprus, so we had a great Larnaca Branch Christmas party with 50 people attending!

 Here are two of the twelve non members that attended our party. We were happy to share the food, fun--and hopefully the Gospel of Jesus Christ with each of them.

It was truly unforgettable, to say the least, our second Cyprus Christmas with all the wonderful trimmings!  We hope you each have as joyous a Christmas Season.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Some Brits Came to Cyprus

The Price family from Elder Matthews ward back in England came to Cyprus for the holidays.  It was really nice to have them come to dinner. They brought Christmas packages for Elder Matthews from his family.

 The Price family, minus two of their children that didn't come, pictured here with us and Elder Matthews.  We hope to see them on Boxing Day (December 26th) for the branch Christmas Party.

 This man is a genius and fixed my broken camera so I can continue to take pictures and put them on this blog as my picture journal of our mission.

I finally got a closer picture of the beautiful flamingos in the Salt Lake near our flat.  They really were loudly squawking, similar to the sound geese make.

This little cutie was looking over the fence at us as we walked near the church building.  I guess he decided he wanted to stand up and show off for us.

And so he did!
This will be a short post this time, but I will do more on Christmas.  Thanks for viewing some of the wonderful  things on our mission in Cyprus.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Every Day Brings Something New and Exciting

We went on a walk through Larnaca with the Georgievas and found this amazing vine growing in an old barrel with the roots wrapped tightly around each other.  Yes, those are it's roots!

This was our last Sunday with Marvellous before he flew home to Nigeria on Friday.  We hope he comes back while we are still here, but if not, he will serve as a wonderful missionary for the Lord after he has been a convert for a year in September. We are so sad to see him leave us.

 We enjoy feeding the members of our branch whenever we get a chance.  We love them all so much!

 Elder Matthews taking a break after he may have had too much to eat.

 We always have plenty of volunteers for clean up afterwards.

 Some like to exercise on the balcony after dinner,

 or visit,

 Our branch is full of beautiful African members!

Antonia inspects some of my flowers on our balcony.

We took a small bus to Nicosia for a fireside with a General Authority--taken by me from the back of the bus.
Taken by Elder Christensen from the front of the bus.

 Elder and Sister Teixeira with some of our branch members after the fireside.

A nice lady in the park told me I was lucky to have such a very handsome, beautiful husband.  I am.

Joy is one of the investigators we are teaching right now.  We hope to see her baptized at the end of this month.

I was trying to get a close up on these flamingo, but it was getting dark fast, so I turned a little to the left

and got a picture of the beautiful Cyprus sunset instead.  What a truly magical place we get to serve our mission. Life is good and we are so incredibly blessed of the Lord every day.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Barely 20 years old now, Elder Antonopoulos was our district leader for his last transfer and is one of our 18 year old elders going home after serving his two years in Greece and Cypurs. He was one of the greatest missionaries, so humble yet motivated. We know he will continue to be a great church leader at home in Austria, or Greece or wherever he goes.

 The Flamingos are back in Larnaca.  It must be winter again.

 Two British Elders on an exchange taught Josie at our flat.

 Sometimes we get to teach in the park.

Temple Prep. is usually held at our flat with Ryan and Annalisel.

Christmas is coming fast and we are getting excited to share our 2nd Christmas in Cyprus with our branch members.

How wonderful to teach in the land where Paul and Barnabus taught.

 To walk in the foot steps of the ancient apostles is a privilege, and this mission to Cyprus has been one of the greatest experiences of our life.

There are some nice cats too!
Thanks for reading our blog.  We feel your love, prayers and support.