Thursday, January 31, 2013

Busy Missionary Days

After a discussion with Lorenzo from Romania in our flat.  Happily he has committed to baptism in February.

 Little Panyota subs as our grandchild and adds to any lesson or discussion.

 I surprised these kids (Kali, Eva, Mario and Frank) coming to seminary in our elevator, when the door opened I snapped a photo.

Elder Christensen decides to show off his harmonica talent for the kids.
They were sweet to humor him!

 The last Zone Conference before the BIG transfer.

Annalizel's final temple prep. class at Pres. Ivanov's house.

 New member lesson with Marivic, Josie and Maria. We brought the awesome threesome and the AP's to help.

 These sisters are amazing converts and show us and the elders so much love and hospitality! They have lifted the whole branch!

Transfer day at the airport is always hard for us, saying goodbye to so many wonderful elders and one outstanding sister going to Athens!

We senior couples do a ton of transporting everywhere on the island on transfer day. It is nice to get together in the airport for a few precious moments.

 The last of our Awesome Threesome...

 It is pretty sad really.

But then.... more come!

  They pack the cars and our lives with wonderful things and we forget how sad we were a few minutes before.

 Two of our new elders on Elder Davies 20th birthday feasting on delicious gyros! Elder Wilderspin is back again!  We are so grateful to have his help in our work here! Outstanding elder!

Two days later, two more wonderful elders arrive, one from Athens (Elder Clack) to train the other straight from the MTC in Provo, Elder Sorg.

We are in for another wonderful transfer with these great elders to help the work of the Lord progress here in Larnaca Cyprus!

Of course we love our mission!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Camel Park Again

Monday we went to the Camel Park with the Awesome Threesome for a fun Prep Day.

Elder and Sister Watson came from Limassol with Sisters

Rumbach and Verner to make it an even better day!

Taken two seconds before Elder Dale's fall!

Nah. He fell too.


Only Sister Verner stayed on the whole eight seconds!

Great missionaries and a really fun day!

A couple more pictures from Sunday.  The sweet Filipina girls had us over to their flat for lunch.  Delicious!

Back to work, but first our cat (sort of) picture of the week.... a cute baby donkey at the Camel Park.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Awesome Threesome

We got up early, put on our jogging clothes, and took our wonderful Elder Jensen to the airport for a transfer to Athens where he will be the new AP. 

We were a little under dressed, but it was our beach jogging time, so we bid him good-bye, hoping to see him again at upcoming Zone Conferences, and went for some much needed exercise.

Elder Jensen leaving created this awesome threesome of elders right here in Larnaca.  Elders Radnoti and Matthews pictured with the new Elder Dale between them.

A few days later Limassol had a change in this great threesome of sisters, Rumbach, Werner and Rojas.

Sister Watson from the Limassol Branch joins us for this picture at the airport.

The threesome met the Book of Mormon challenge the first week, so we took them out for fish and chips.

District meetings once a week are always lots of fun and inspiration, with such a big district.

It is so nice to have Elder Dale here in our branch. He is from England and puts his whole heart and soul into the work.

The President Ivanov threesome!
Our wonderful Bulgarian friends, the Gorgevas.

One of our seminary girls, sweet Eva Gorgeva.

Eva pointing to Cyprus on our world map--the other map is in Greek and really hard to figure out.

Green but GREAT threesome, Elders Dale, Kopischke and Watts came from the MTC just a few months ago.

Cat picture of the week!
We were teaching a discussion to Maria in her boss' garage.  She gave us some delicious chicken soup and Elder C. threw a small piece of chicken fat to the only cat in sight. Suddenly, there was a rush of cats from every corner of the garage! Quite thrilling and wonderful, really!