Friday, March 30, 2012

More of Bryan and Company--having hard time getting this in one blog

Our oldest grand child, Shantelle, at the beach on Saturday morning, March 24th.  Their only full day on Cyprus!

Bryan hefts a rock high and deep.

Catching some rays before we go sight seeing.

Lyndon and Gage arm wrestle as Shantelle looks on, outside the St. Lazarus Church where as legend has it, Lazarus is buried. 

A very strange boy, nonetheless, Bryan spotted the ice cream shop and we all had a cool treat.

Shantelle and Lyndon with Gage, their cousin, between them.

Hopefully you can see the Monastery atop this mountain. Luckily we didn't have to walk.  I would have been mad to get all the way up there and then not get to go in.  Men only!  Ugh.  Oh well, I gave away a Book of Mormon while we women waited.

Gage decided to try on his mom's coat in case he couldn't get in the monastery with short sleeves.

How appropriate, Dad in his BYU shirt and missionary name tag, fits right in with the holy men.

The camel was unimpressed.

The play ground for little kids at the camel park.

Donna and sister, Christine, couldn't quit laughing.  Pretty funny to watch. I actually uploaded this from my camera, or downloaded, I can't decide which I did.

It was really fun to show everyone off at our branch the next morning.  Even though Marios doesn't look very interested in Shantelle, he won't quit asking me about her. 

 Then they were off to the airport to fly to Greece.          
We loved having you all come!!!

Cat picture of the week--from the Camel Park!!

Bryan and Company Come to Cyprus

The kids arrived on Friday March 23 at 4:30 PM ready to have fun!

Our first stop was Aphradites Wall, an old 15th century aqueduct for the ancient city of Kition, which is now Larnaca.  What fun to have grand children Shantelle and Lyndon accompany their parents (Donna and Bryan) to our island home.

Donna's sisters, Kathy with husband Nathan, and Christine with son Gage.  Wonderful company all!!

What an amazing couple!  With the two children they brought with them, they only had six left at home!  Wish they all could have come.

We walked the beach front that evening.  Here are Nathan and Kathy with the Larnaca lights in the back ground.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Transfers of the Heart

A small but mighty band of missionaries approaching our apartment on transfer day.

A flat full of sisters and elders, all missionaries of Zion! We ate pizza and watched a church video, "One Smooth Stone" about David and Goliath.

 Pictures here with Elder Graciano, Elder Held is giving us all what for!
 He is really getting into it here!  Amazing elder and just released as President Charles assistant.

He does however, have a habit on ruining my perfectly good pictures, as demonstrated here in the parking lot of the airport for transfer exchanges with Elder and Sister Smith serving in Paphos.

Our new district got right into serving a couple of days later at the Georgieva's beach house.

Rumianna Georgieva prepared a delicious lunch for us and these fine elders, Nicholls, Neville, Wilderspin and Jensen.

Hard working missionaries is what its all about.

A little diversion at the near by beach after the project is complete.

Elder Neville searching for one smooth stone.

He finally found the perfect one!


A great execution, but I didn't get it very well, sorry.

Wonderful elders all!!!

So I didn't work much, but I did give this nice man, Andy and dog Rex, a Book of Mormon.  He even promised to come to church.

Cat photo of the week.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Of This and That

Shown here with her adopted grandpa, Alexis Ivanov is the sweetest and newest member of the Larnaca Branch.  Her daddy is our branch president.

Mika is also a sweet one from the branch.

One of our temple prep classes include Anna Marie, Leah, Lynn and Joanne.

Two fantastic missionaries, Elder Deeley and Neville, on a P-day activity with us in Dekaylia.

A discussion at our flat with Sisters Roberts and Virkamaki.

At Dekaylia with four great sisters, Virkamaki, Roberts, Almeida and Kusseling.

Rosie Ivanov with baby Alexis and two of the branch sisters.

Our Larnaca district right before transfers.

A final good bye to Elder Deeley at the airport.  He is going home after a very successfull 24 months in the Greece Athens Mission. A part of our hearts went with him.

Super Saturday at our apartment was lots of fun for us as well as the kids that got to come.  We combined the seminary students from Larnaca and Nicosia for the event.

After temple prep class and lunch-- and what a spiritual and temperal feast it was,

with sloppy joes, jello, wonderful chinese noodles, spring rolls and the works!

We had to include this for the cat picture of the week.  He was just posed and staring at us as we went by.