Saturday, March 24, 2012

Transfers of the Heart

A small but mighty band of missionaries approaching our apartment on transfer day.

A flat full of sisters and elders, all missionaries of Zion! We ate pizza and watched a church video, "One Smooth Stone" about David and Goliath.

 Pictures here with Elder Graciano, Elder Held is giving us all what for!
 He is really getting into it here!  Amazing elder and just released as President Charles assistant.

He does however, have a habit on ruining my perfectly good pictures, as demonstrated here in the parking lot of the airport for transfer exchanges with Elder and Sister Smith serving in Paphos.

Our new district got right into serving a couple of days later at the Georgieva's beach house.

Rumianna Georgieva prepared a delicious lunch for us and these fine elders, Nicholls, Neville, Wilderspin and Jensen.

Hard working missionaries is what its all about.

A little diversion at the near by beach after the project is complete.

Elder Neville searching for one smooth stone.

He finally found the perfect one!


A great execution, but I didn't get it very well, sorry.

Wonderful elders all!!!

So I didn't work much, but I did give this nice man, Andy and dog Rex, a Book of Mormon.  He even promised to come to church.

Cat photo of the week.


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  2. Do tell elder Held that his mom would like some pictures where he is not making faces (o:

    his dad

  3. MOM! Great photos. Those missionaries probably love you guys so much! We are excited to come see you!! :)

  4. Shelly & Brian get to come to Cyprus too???! Donna said they've got plans to come too. LOVE your blog -- LOVE your Elders & Sisters & Seminary kids & Temple Prep folks. You are SO BUSY building building building the Kingdom. Thx for the bird-eye view of your life. Get that cat a cheeseburger! oxoxox

  5. I love seeing Dad with a shovel and working. Makes me remember him young!!!

  6. Thank you so much for posting these photos! I love seeing pictures of Elder Nicholls with his companions!
    Thank you for your love and support of the missionaries - it is much appreciated xx