Friday, March 30, 2012

More of Bryan and Company--having hard time getting this in one blog

Our oldest grand child, Shantelle, at the beach on Saturday morning, March 24th.  Their only full day on Cyprus!

Bryan hefts a rock high and deep.

Catching some rays before we go sight seeing.

Lyndon and Gage arm wrestle as Shantelle looks on, outside the St. Lazarus Church where as legend has it, Lazarus is buried. 

A very strange boy, nonetheless, Bryan spotted the ice cream shop and we all had a cool treat.

Shantelle and Lyndon with Gage, their cousin, between them.

Hopefully you can see the Monastery atop this mountain. Luckily we didn't have to walk.  I would have been mad to get all the way up there and then not get to go in.  Men only!  Ugh.  Oh well, I gave away a Book of Mormon while we women waited.

Gage decided to try on his mom's coat in case he couldn't get in the monastery with short sleeves.

How appropriate, Dad in his BYU shirt and missionary name tag, fits right in with the holy men.

The camel was unimpressed.

The play ground for little kids at the camel park.

Donna and sister, Christine, couldn't quit laughing.  Pretty funny to watch. I actually uploaded this from my camera, or downloaded, I can't decide which I did.

It was really fun to show everyone off at our branch the next morning.  Even though Marios doesn't look very interested in Shantelle, he won't quit asking me about her. 

 Then they were off to the airport to fly to Greece.          
We loved having you all come!!!

Cat picture of the week--from the Camel Park!!


  1. We are so jealous. You guys actually get visitors from the US.

  2. Great pictures! I bet is was especially wonderful to have Shantelle and Lyndon there!