Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Leaving Our Hearts in Cyprus

It's hard to say good-bye to such an experience,

to such great elders,

 to wonderful members,

 and interesting statues.

 My younger sisters, Claudia and Lovalyn, came

 to see the sights of Cyprus.

 They are going with us to Israel before we head home.  

This very morning, May 29th, at 5:00 am. we met all the other senior couples and President Georgieve at the airport to welcome our wonderful replacement couple, 

the Hansens, from Cubbuck Idaho!

Later in the morning our land lord, Alekos, came to collect rent and meet his new tennants.

Elder Bernskov and Koponen also showed up for cookies and milk.

We will cherish forever the friendships we have made,

the fun we have had,

and the difference these amazing people have made in our lives!

Thank you for sharing this mission with us!  We love you all and especially love the Lord for making this all possible.

One last Cyprus cat picture!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

One Last Amazing Baptism!

Mirlyn has been a great investigator that we have taught with various elders for the past three months.  Her husband isn't interested, but didn't keep her from learning all she could about the church, gaining a testimony and being baptized Saturday, May 18th.

 Lyn introduced Mirlyn to the gospel and has friendshipped her all the way! Elder Watts baptized her and Elder Reading came at the end to help close the deal.

I got to speak at her baptism. It was the first time I have ever worn sunglasses to give a talk!

 It was super bright and just

a beautiful day for Mirlyn to be baptized in her own pool!

We had a wonderful time and a great meal afterward, provided by everyone, but especially the Filipino sisters.

 Last night we went on a teaching appointment with Elders Koponen and Bernskov.  They always ride their bikes and it is hard for us to keep up with them--in every way!

 Here I am with my seminary kids today during second hour of church.  They all gave great talks in Sacrament Meeting and then we had our lesson.  Only two more classes until we go home.  We will miss these amazing kids!!!

 After church we had 31 for lunch!  Here they come out of the elevator!

Maybe a few too many were packed in there? Can you find me in the picture?

 We're not sure our hearts can take it to leave these sweet members,

and investigators!

May God keep them all safely in His care when we leave them in ten days.  

Maybe I will be able to do one last post next week.  We're sad thinking of finishing this never-to-be-duplicated missionary journey.

Friday, May 17, 2013

My Brother Came to Cyprus!

We took Lawrence and Elaine to the Salamis ruins and loved every minute of them being here with us for too few days!

 At the ruins of an ancient theater where Paul, Barnabus and John may have preached.

Great sports, they were, to go with us to teach and preach and work as missionaries do.

We are so glad they came to visit us! We took them with us on some missionary business and appointments.  They even taught my institute class, but I don't have any pictures of the GREAT job they did.

A dog on the side of the road being a friend to man.

Elder Reading came from Athens to join our Cyprus Zone.

Janice is pretty short, but

mighty great!  She brought Mirasol to be taught the gospel.

 After seminary in the elevator with Elder C. is Hussain, Despoina, Eva, Kali and Mario.

 My friend Terisita.

Our super Larnaca District, Elders Reading, Bernskov, Koponen and Watts.

We had a branch Talent Night, so Elder C. added his harmonica to the mix. 

                                I thought he did very well.

 Leah and Janice sang a couple of songs.

 Elder Watts played and sang.

                                      Even the elders showed some talent!

Janice and Despoina sang together!

Then Daniel and his friend showed up!

They were REALLY good!  Pretty much out of our league!

              We had loads of fun and laughs!

 Kendle came to visit us today, right when the elders were here to have her try on one of their helmets.

                                                                            Great missionaries!

 I found a couple more pictures of our trip with Lawrence and Elaine.

                                       And with that, I say AMEN!