Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Leaving Our Hearts in Cyprus

It's hard to say good-bye to such an experience,

to such great elders,

 to wonderful members,

 and interesting statues.

 My younger sisters, Claudia and Lovalyn, came

 to see the sights of Cyprus.

 They are going with us to Israel before we head home.  

This very morning, May 29th, at 5:00 am. we met all the other senior couples and President Georgieve at the airport to welcome our wonderful replacement couple, 

the Hansens, from Cubbuck Idaho!

Later in the morning our land lord, Alekos, came to collect rent and meet his new tennants.

Elder Bernskov and Koponen also showed up for cookies and milk.

We will cherish forever the friendships we have made,

the fun we have had,

and the difference these amazing people have made in our lives!

Thank you for sharing this mission with us!  We love you all and especially love the Lord for making this all possible.

One last Cyprus cat picture!


  1. Made me cry. One last post. One last baptism. Such an amazing FORCE for GOOD....Elder Virgil & Sister Lucy -- ever there w/ a good word on your lips and the Lite of Christ about you..."thou good and faithful servants"! Enjoy your sisters & touring & the wonderful Holy Land. Our open arms are waiting. xoxoxoxo c.

  2. Thank you my friend. You must be on your way to the temple so early in the morning! We will see you soon! Love you so much, Sister Christensen

  3. Cool post! I'm sure the members are so sad to have you leave. Have fun in Jerusalem!

  4. Wow, Mom! That was really powerful. You are awesome missionaries. You will be missed in Cyprus but we're glad we don't have to miss you any more! I wish we could be there when you get off the plane in Oklahoma. Have a fun trip. I agree w Jennifer that you should email a line or two every night so we don't worry about you. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your mission adventures. It has been a joy following you.

  6. What an amazing experience! My mom had so much fun with you guys--thanks for sharing your last few days with her and Aunt Lova. I bet you are missing it!