Friday, March 30, 2012

Bryan and Company Come to Cyprus

The kids arrived on Friday March 23 at 4:30 PM ready to have fun!

Our first stop was Aphradites Wall, an old 15th century aqueduct for the ancient city of Kition, which is now Larnaca.  What fun to have grand children Shantelle and Lyndon accompany their parents (Donna and Bryan) to our island home.

Donna's sisters, Kathy with husband Nathan, and Christine with son Gage.  Wonderful company all!!

What an amazing couple!  With the two children they brought with them, they only had six left at home!  Wish they all could have come.

We walked the beach front that evening.  Here are Nathan and Kathy with the Larnaca lights in the back ground.

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  1. That looks like tons of fun. What a big group. Did you just LOVE it? Great pictures.