Thursday, January 31, 2013

Busy Missionary Days

After a discussion with Lorenzo from Romania in our flat.  Happily he has committed to baptism in February.

 Little Panyota subs as our grandchild and adds to any lesson or discussion.

 I surprised these kids (Kali, Eva, Mario and Frank) coming to seminary in our elevator, when the door opened I snapped a photo.

Elder Christensen decides to show off his harmonica talent for the kids.
They were sweet to humor him!

 The last Zone Conference before the BIG transfer.

Annalizel's final temple prep. class at Pres. Ivanov's house.

 New member lesson with Marivic, Josie and Maria. We brought the awesome threesome and the AP's to help.

 These sisters are amazing converts and show us and the elders so much love and hospitality! They have lifted the whole branch!

Transfer day at the airport is always hard for us, saying goodbye to so many wonderful elders and one outstanding sister going to Athens!

We senior couples do a ton of transporting everywhere on the island on transfer day. It is nice to get together in the airport for a few precious moments.

 The last of our Awesome Threesome...

 It is pretty sad really.

But then.... more come!

  They pack the cars and our lives with wonderful things and we forget how sad we were a few minutes before.

 Two of our new elders on Elder Davies 20th birthday feasting on delicious gyros! Elder Wilderspin is back again!  We are so grateful to have his help in our work here! Outstanding elder!

Two days later, two more wonderful elders arrive, one from Athens (Elder Clack) to train the other straight from the MTC in Provo, Elder Sorg.

We are in for another wonderful transfer with these great elders to help the work of the Lord progress here in Larnaca Cyprus!

Of course we love our mission!!!


  1. I read all of your new posts mom! They are great! Thanks for the update!

  2. Wow Congratulation Guys.. you are so adorable and amazing.

    God Bless!

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