Friday, February 8, 2013

Another Beautiful Baptism in the Mediterrainean Sea

New companionship, Elders Sorg and Clack have started out with a baptism.

 We all met at the church first and went out together to the baptism

 Mo is ready to say the baptismal prayer in English for Mohsen, who will be another wonderful addition to our branch.

 It couldn't be a better day for a baptism, although the wind was a little cold,

 they said the water wasn't.

 Mohsen with his mother, Fatahma.

 Elder and Sister Smith always come from far away Pafos for the baptisms.

 Our four great elders here in Larnaca, Elders Wilderspin, Davies, Clack and Sorg, couldn't be better at finding, teaching and hopefully baptizing many wonderful people.

There is something inspiring about seeing these young men so happily riding their bikes all over Larnaca, literally wearing out their lives in the service of the Lord.  We are very blessed to be able to share in such a cause with fine young men like these.

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