Sunday, December 2, 2012


Barely 20 years old now, Elder Antonopoulos was our district leader for his last transfer and is one of our 18 year old elders going home after serving his two years in Greece and Cypurs. He was one of the greatest missionaries, so humble yet motivated. We know he will continue to be a great church leader at home in Austria, or Greece or wherever he goes.

 The Flamingos are back in Larnaca.  It must be winter again.

 Two British Elders on an exchange taught Josie at our flat.

 Sometimes we get to teach in the park.

Temple Prep. is usually held at our flat with Ryan and Annalisel.

Christmas is coming fast and we are getting excited to share our 2nd Christmas in Cyprus with our branch members.

How wonderful to teach in the land where Paul and Barnabus taught.

 To walk in the foot steps of the ancient apostles is a privilege, and this mission to Cyprus has been one of the greatest experiences of our life.

There are some nice cats too!
Thanks for reading our blog.  We feel your love, prayers and support.


  1. Aunt Lucy you are so adorable. (And Uncle V aint bad either.)

  2. Great post mom! I miss you. Come home in6 months, ok?

  3. Mom, I love your blog! Thanks for taking the time to do it!