Monday, September 26, 2011

Missionary Prep

We are getting ready to go on a mission!  Dad (Virgil) is here after a hot day working in the yard.  We didn't submit this pic with our application!  Too sunburnt!  However, I look okay.  I stayed in the house all day. Brian helped with the dishes and took our pictures. He is a pretty good son in law and great husband to Michelle.


  1. Mom --Brian is a pretty good son in-law???? HA!
    you are gonna hear it from Shell!

  2. Mom, GREAT job!! You are going to have this computer down-pat before we know it. I love it! You inspire me to post something on mine. I actually write posts all the time in my head, but never write them down. I will try harder! Keep it up!! You are wonderful!! :)

  3. Dang ma, you got brian in his teaching face. And he better be your FAVORITE son in law..