Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cyprus Dec. 14-21, 2011

Again this week we made many new friends. Here I am with a couple of the branch members, Lea and Lynn, who we had to our apartment for dinner after church.  We love these girls!  There are about ten Philipino girls in the branch that have left their families to earn money. They send almost every cent back to the Philipines for their families' support. Amazing young Latter day Saints!

We always invite our good elders to join us, Elders Norguard, Psota, (withValentin, the branch councilor) Rahal and Held. We are with these great missionaries almost everyday as we teach people here in Larnaca whom the Lord has prepared.

We had our first zone conference in Nicocia on Monday. It was a service project with all the missionaries in Cyprus. Here are the only two young sisters missionaries on the island greeting some ladies at a nursing home using only Greek to communicate.

We even sang to them in Greek-- well, Elder Christensen and I did a lot of humming of the familiar Christmas Caroles. There were 16 young elders, 2 sisters and 4 couples, including the mission president and his sweet wife. Hopefully we brought some joy to these wonderful older people.

 You can see how much joy Elder Christensen is bringing to this fine Cypriot lady. At least he was having fun!

 Some of the GREAT missionaries!

The young missionaries even provided some great food for the Zone Christmas Party, with a little help from the senior couples.  The day was wonderful as we arrived early and stayed late. Not only did we get to do service, but had lots of instruction and fun.  Elder Christensen and I were pretty tired when we finally let the last elders off at their apartment at 10:30 PM.  We LOVE our mission!       

Here are a few more pictures just for the grandkids!

You all know I love cats!  Here is a stray that looked fairly clean, so I had to try to convert him.  You can see the Book of Mormon in my hand.

I didn't have any milk, but I nice lady gave me a piece of salami (meat) so I could symbolicly convert this cat to me and the gospel.  That is really the way the Lord wants us to teach these fine Cypriots, gently guiding them with love and kindness to feast for themselves on the  goodness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

My first convert!  No I won't baptize him as I did all those kittens when I was five years old!  I love each one of you 34 amazing grandchildren, and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! 
Love, Grandma (and Grandpa) Christensen.


  1. Love the picture of Uncle Virgil and the Cypriot lady. She is not amused.

    Keep up the great posts.


  2. I thought it is suppose to be the milk of the gospel first then the meat. I guess that cat was more ready then others! Those pictures look like they should be in the ensign.

  3. Yeah, mom, you're trying to baptize cats in your sink at age 55 too.. Luckily you have learned from when you were 5 that doing that too much will kill them. Love ya. Great post..

  4. Hope you guys had a great Christmas!

  5. It looks like..."you can love every cat" even in Cypress!! I hope you took him home with you, it is a pretty cat!! Love the post! Love the pictures! It looks like y'all are having a wonderful time! How often do you cook for that many missionaries in your home?? You are going to wear yourself out just cooking for the missionaries...I know you love it and of course, they love your cooking so it is a win-win situation!! Have a wonderful day!! Keep the posts coming!!

  6. I love these pictures, Lucy! What a great experience you are having! The cat is amazing to warm up to such a foreigner! You do have a way with cats!!