Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Larnaca Flock of Zion

The Flamingos are one of the amazing attractions here in Larnaca.  They are everywhere and stand in the water constantly, or fly in huge flocks over Larnaca, our amazing home in Cyprus.

Abbas and Sara, and their sweet children, Kimmia and Korosh, are a great addition to the tiny flock here that is our branch and have made our mission worth our every effort already.  We love them so much.

President Ivanovi, pictured here with his wife Rosie, new baby girl, Alexis and his mother Sonia, is only 28 years old and is the branch president of the flock.

Kristian just became the newest member, pictured here with Elders Neville and Deeley.

Branch Presidency, Valentin, President Ivanovi and Mario.

Sisters Virkamaki and Roberts with two of my three seminary students, Eva and Kali.

Kimmia pets a nauty cat that bit her right after this picture was taken--not that I blame the cat, Kimmia was pulling it around by the tail.


  1. Cool post ma! I am glad things are going well in Larnaca

    1. Thanks for reading my blog, Shell. Miss you and can't wait until May when you and Brian come for a visit!

  2. What a young branch president! They are beautiful people and the church is growing! What a neat experience you are having!!