Monday, April 16, 2012

Other Sheep and Shepherds, goats and kittens!

Cat pic of the week is Dennis in Oklahoma with Twister's kittens.

I just couldn't resist holding this little kid!

Some of our sweet Filipino sisters on a Easter break with us--Lyn, JoAn and Leah.

Here they are at the Camel Park with Leah's friend, 

Sort of making a donkey of himself. Ha.

These girls rarely get out, so this was a real treat for them and us!

We got to go to Nicosia for our Super Saturday on Thursday during Easter break.  Here are Dad and cute Eva Georgieva at one of the few bowling alleys in Cyprus.

All three of our seminary kids got to come with us, Eva, Kali and Mario.

The whole great group of kids liked being together in the mall where we ate lunch.

Elders Niebuhr and Christensen lead the group.
 These kids never smile when I want them to, so I had to say something stupid to get this reaction!

I love this sweet girl, Suzanna, from Nicocia.  I felt a close connection with her the first time we met.
The Nabrotzky family from Lebanon came for a visit to our branch in Cyprus during Easter break.  We got a rare treat when they began to sing to us.  They are VERY talented and a great LDS family working abroad for a few years.  We hope they will come back to see us soon.

Sarah is twelve and sings and plays like a rock star.  Each of their children are smart and very talented.

No celebration or Easter would be complete without the Georgieva's feeding all the hungry missionaries in the branch!

We also got to visit Paphos branch on the Greek Easter.  I told Elder  Held to cut it out!  Elder Rahal is always a gentleman.

There, that's better.  Maybe I shouldn't touch them.  We love  all the elders and our mission!

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  1. Love the picture of Dennis and the KID! And the donkey so animal sort of blog this time!