Friday, June 15, 2012

June Days

June 7th was transfer day for many of the missionaries.  Here is Elder Rahal, one of our original elders in Larnaca at the airport ready to fly to Athens.

Elder Psota and Elder Rahal before their flight to Athens. This will be Elder Psota's last transfer before going home to Switzerland.  He was also one of the original missionaries here when we came to Cyprus back in December of  2011.  They are just a couple of wonderful friends and servants of the Lord.
Dad with Elder Wilderspin, our amazing District Leader, at airport before departing for Athens.

Elder Wu, Wilderspin, Rahal and Psota minutes before departing and taking our hearts afar off to Greece.  Transfer days are hard on me.

Blurry picture, blurry feeling of good bye for a long time to some truly amazing servants of the Lord.  So I decided to do what every woman does in that situation and PREACH THE GOSPEL.....

to my cute hair dresser, Lucy.  She's from the UK and living here in Cyprus to try to lift the lady's spirits and make them feel beautiful.

It worked!  Now, to get her to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ that truly makes us beautiful inside and out.

An ancient castle high in the Troodos Mountains, at least a 1,000 steps upward to the top!

On the way to the top, with the Niebuhrs, and really feeling it.  In the distance is the Mediterranean Sea and the coastal city of Kerynia, Turkish side of Cyprus.

President Poudel of the Nicossia Branch went with us to the castle on the top. He is a student from Napal, who has been a wonderful Branch President and a convert of only two years.

He is going back to Napal after his graduation next week to baptize his wife and do wonderful things in his life and in the church there.  He will be greatly missed by all the saints in Cyprus.

Elder Nicholls turned 20, so we had a little party at our flat with our wonderful district.  Zone leader, Elder Yates eyes the flaming delight.

What's the deal with these candles NOT going out? Elder Jensen looks on and wonders if that is just hot air going on the brownie birthday cake, or if it's a little more...

He can't seem to get them out.

One last try with some tough love from Elder Yates!

Accomplished and ready to devour!

Elder Gibbons is our other fantastic zone leader and snaps a couple of pictures of the burning birthday blow out!

I wouldn't want you to think we party all the time.  Elder Nicholls and Jensen are a terrific duo pictured here with Panyota, one of the youngest members of our branch.

We get to accompany them on some wonderful member strengthening lessons.  This is Terisita's (on right) apartment,where we teach her and Annalizel once a week.

Cutie seminary girl, Eva Georgivi, with a little pet she said is really popular--can't remember the name of it, but she said our grand kids would know all about it. We will see.

Dad with an ancient CAT, picture of the week!


  1. I LOVE the photos! Thanks for posting them. Poor Elder Nicholls getting all hot trying to blow out all those impossible to blow out candles!!! You are so good to our missionary!!
    The toy is called Pikachu :)

  2. I love the hair straight! Great update. Love you guys!