Thursday, November 15, 2012

Finally Some Visitors!

 The day finally arrived for our wonderful Case family to come to Cyprus for a visit.  Our first sight of our sweet 38th grandchild, Caroline, found her soundly asleep from total jet lag! 

 Caroline isn't quite as crazy about cats as her grandma.

Aphrodite's Wall, an aqueduct built in the 15th century AD. is a great place to show our visitors, right here in Larnaca!

Cami and her dad in front of St. Lazarus Church.

 Cami in front of the "Cami" mosque in Famagusta.

This beautiful and ancient Orthodox Church was taken over by the Turks in 1974 and turned into a Mosque.

It was sad to think our time with the Cases went by so fast.  We could not get enough of Sweet Caroline!

Perfect timing had us dropping off the Cases and picking up Layne, Jana, Lincoln and Preston at the airport for more fun and family adventures!

 Even though this boy isn't our own grandson, we would claim him any day.  He is a perfect child and made it fun for us all.

 Lincoln with his son, Preston, and grandma Jana at Kurion ruins.

We were treated to a nice dinner and FHE at the Georgieva home on Monday night.

 Preston at the Freedom monument in Nicosia.

 A sweet little Cypriot man sold us delicious grapes off his front porch in a small village high in the Troodos Mountains.

 Almost angelic and looking quite priestly, Lincoln dons a robe (because his pants were short) and toured the Kykos Monastery, also high in the Troodos Mtns.

 Elder Christensen posed at a place the Apostle Paul may have preached in ancient Salamis.

 This Sycamore tree was planted in 1299 AD. 

Big cat picture of the week with Preston riding! What a wonderful time we had with all our fantastic company.  Thank you all for coming!  Now back to our amazing mission!! 


  1. I liked all the pictures... but Caroline looked like she reeaally didn't like that cat.. child abuse? Also, those grapes growing on that tree looked huge and good. Good post, mom

  2. Loved the post and loved the trip! You guys are SO NICE to us! I can't believe how much fun we had. I like the picture of you and Caroline the best, then I like the grape picture next. That is amazing! We miss it in Cyprus. I want another gyro (yourr-o) at that little shop and I want to sit and talk more with you and Dad.

    Thanks for the amazing adventures!


  3. What fun! Thanks for all the great pictures and captions, Lucy. I guess now it is back to work as usual! We love your letters! Thanks for sharing so much!

  4. Well now there's an idea. I think we're going to have to come for a visit.

    1. Come Stefani!! We would love it! You might even bring your mom and dad! Hey, Brad too! COME! Love you!