Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dog Days of Cyprus Summer!

Missionary life is the best!  We find lots of single people to teach at this nice apartment building, but we are always searching for families to bring into the gospel and help our branch here grow.

 Sometimes we stop along the way to see things we have never seen before, like big banana trees growing in small fields

or things that remind us of our pest, I mean past life.

We have found a few families to teach and baptize along the way, but they seem to move on in their lives, taking the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.  Germany will be the Adeyemi's new home.

We have lots of missionary friends that meet with us to plan to baptize families.

We have plenty of wonderful singles,

that keep us busy,

and make us smile.

We always get a shot in the arm at Zone Conference, and I get some quality help with the food preparation.

We love our mission mom, Sister Freestone, who loves and serves all of us.

Some of the greatest young elders in the Church serve here in Cyprus.

We are blessed with a very happy branch.

But the Dog Days of summer are soooooo hot, almost too hot for us and this poor tired dog.

So Elder Christensen succumbs to temptation and goes for a swim with these young members of the branch

at Pres. Invanov's pool.  It is getting dark earlier, it seems, and the flash on my camera didn't work.

Alexis is too tired to stay awake any longer!

Another great soul ready for baptism this Saturday.

Here's a cat photo from home: Vaughn and Allison Waltman's girls look like they love cats almost as much as I do!  Is that possible?

Naaaa.  Mission life is very good! Thanks for viewing!


  1. I didnt know bananas grew like that cool!
    it looks beautiful there

  2. Awesome! Congrats on the new baptisms! Looks like you guys are always doing something to keep busy busy busy. Love ya.

  3. Nice photos, Aunt Lucy! It's fun to see how you're doing. Sorry it's so hot there. That must be draining!