Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's Been a Hot July!

Cool Elder Christensen cools off with a cool ice cream cone or two.

Ancient Greek/Roman ruins (theater) in Kurion, near Limassol.

A diaper is all Alexis needs on these hot, hot July days.  It was 42 with lots of humidity! That's 110 in the shade!

Rosie and Alexis.

Seminary girls, Svetla and Eva with Elder Christensen.

My wonderful seminary class.

Our sweet friend, Sonia, from Nicosia came to visit us. She is from India and knows Oliver Flake who was the branch president in 2nd branch in New Delhi.

Our friend Ebi.

Elder Wilderspin and Elder Norguaard with Marvelous who has set a baptismal date of Aug. 18!

Ancient mosaic at Kurion ruins.

Dinner after church bunch at our flat!

Another great Nigerian family we are helping teach.

Off to Athens for transfers.

We met some sweet Catholic Nuns at the airport while we were waiting for some missionaries to come back to Cyprus from Greece.

Elder Baret and Wilderspin are here again!  We are so glad.

Sister Almeida got a new companion, Sister Rumbach.

Cute kittens back home in Oklahoma with even cuter grand daughters, Brooklyn and Brianna.

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  1. The icecream cones look yummy! I like all the pictures!