Sunday, April 21, 2013

Great Experiences in Cyprus

 Today we got a new District President for Cyprus, President Mario Georgieva, our Bulgarian friend. He helped translate The Book of Mormon into Bulgarian several years ago and will be a great leader for the Church in Cyprus.

 He and his wife Rumi have been good friends to us. They bore wonderful testimonies of the gospel today as they spoke at the conference.
Their daughters, Eva and Kali, are two of my seminary girls.

 About 138 people attended the conference today.  Sonia from India has become one of those great friends.

 President and Sister Kosifou are going home to England after being here for ten years.  We are already missing them.

 Last week we took these two fine elders, Koponen and Bernskov, out for lunch at Traditional English Fish & Chips where we surprised them by having President and Sister Freestone sitting at the table as we walked up.

President Freestone insisted on paying for everyone--plus bought delicious ice cream treats afterward at New York Sweets. The Freestones always brighten our lives and help inspire and motivate all the missionaries in Greece and Cyprus. How can we not love such a couple?

 We love this sweet Nigerian member, Antonia, and teach one of her roommates with a sweet little daughter,


We have lots of fun experiences with the other senior couples, and 

 we will miss these wonderful people, the friends we have made and the experiences we shall never forget.

What an amazing ride it has been! Memories we will cherish for years to come.

Our hearts are so full.  We will never forget.

We love this amazing mission in Cyprus!  Thanks for viewing, reading and commenting! Your support has meant so much to us over the past 17 months.


  1. What a wonderful example you are to everyone! And now 3 missionary grandkids!! I can't believe you have already been gone for 17 months.

  2. You will love this blog when you come home. Lots of memories! I am so glad you have done so well keeping it! the kids like to look at the pictures. jennifer

  3. What a tender visual memory book. Cyprus will be at a total loss when the Christensen's LOVE and COMMITTMENT and TESTIMONY are no longer there. The Kingdom has expanded and rejoiced in your untiring efforts. Now your 3 Grands will carry on the Christensen Tradition of Serving and Loving. We happily await your return.

  4. Oh my goodness, I have loved looking at your blog these past months and following you while you've had the opportunity to serve in Greece. What great missionaries the two of you are! I'm positive the people there and missionaries will miss you, but I know you've got lots of great family and friends looking forward to seeing you again! Love the two of you! Jennifer (Campbell) Ross

  5. Thanks to you all and so many others that don't know how to post a comment on this blog! We are getting very excited to be home in LESS than a month and hope to be with our family and you all in the next few months and feel of your love and testimonies and the spirit of the good old USA. We never knew the extent of the American influence in the world until we served here. The Lord has been so good to us, but it is time to leave and we hope and pray the people we love here will go on in the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. Truly, He is our ultimate hope in this life and eternally.

  6. Great blog, Lucy! I wanna be on it! Maybe soon! :) It is a great history of this amazing mission--you will be able to remember these wonderful people forever because of these pictures. You have shared so much with us. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can't wait to see the place for myself!

  7. Aunt Lucy,

    Great pictures. Glad my parents got to visit!

    What a fantastic experience and I know you've done so much good over there.