Monday, April 15, 2013

Three Weeks, Three Baptisms!

 Janice, a tiny woman with a big heart and love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, went into the Med Sea on Sunday, April 14.

 Elders Koponen, Clack, who performed the baptism, and Bernskov got in the sea with Janice.

 A nice group came out for the baptism early in the morning before church.
 Sweet Janice was a little cold after her immersion into a new life.

 President Ivanov and councilor, Mario Georgieva, are the solid rock foundation of our branch.

 It is sad to see some elders go, we all love Elder Sorg so much, but then others come and it's alright again.
 We picked up Elder Barber from the airport the next day.

 Another great elder from England, Elder Watts, is now in Larnaca.

 We had a great Potluck after watching delayed Gen. Conf. on Sunday. It was a big day with the baptism, church and all the fun.

 The only baby in the branch, Alexis Ivanov, came to the baptism, and her mother, Rosie and sweet Rumianna Georgieve keep a close watch on her.

We love all the wonderful members of our Larnaca Branch!

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  1. You're so pretty, Mom! Congrats on the new baptisms! Looks like you guys are doing very well!