Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our Branch

 We got to deliver some late Christmas packages to these former branch missionaries now serving in Pafos.  We spent an hour with them here at "The Pillars of Paul" ruins. We even ran into a member who had been searching for the church in Pafos, so the elders time wasn't wasted even while touring a little with us.

 I couldn't resist taking a picture of the cute former boss of a pest control company with this little vehicle.

 The same handsome guy is pictured here at his favorite kabob joint.

 Our hearts are joyful around these sweet children of our investigator, Abbas and wife Sarah.  We have adopted them into our hearts and life.

 Sarah made us a wonderful Perssian meal with all the trimmings!  She is a fantastic cook and person.

 Our branch president's first child, sweet Alexis Ivanovi.

Once a month we have a potluck after church.  Pictured here are about 3/4 of the members of our branch. 

Two of the sweet Phillipine sisters, Lucy (love the name) and Tess, I believe. They bring lots of love and bonding to the branch membership.

One of the three primary children, Pantiota with her mother, Terrasita.

These are some of the Bulgarian members who miraculously moved to Cyprus and breathed new life into our branch three months ago. They are amazing people with strong testimonies of the gospel.


  1. awesome post ma. Looks like you've done a lot of good already!!

    1. Thank you honey! Sorry about the declined Skype. I was just too afraid of losing this blog again. Why am I so techno retarded? Don't answer. Love thee.

  2. I love looking at this blog! How wonderful to see you serving your mission; thanks for letting us have a peek. Hope you don't mind! It looks like you are in a beautiful place with wonderful people. We love the Christensens! (Tracy Campbell Beckett)

  3. Thank you sweet Tracy! So glad you figured out how to view our blog. We love this mission so much. How are your parents doing? and your little family? and big one? We love you and John!

    1. Our family is doing great--My oldest is on his mission in Orlando, Florida and will be home in June. My 2nd is at BYU for her sophomore year. So we only have 3 kids at home right now. Crazy! My parents are doing great but live too far away. I will send them all your blog link to take a look at your wonderful mission. I love to see your pictures and read your writing. We sure love you!

  4. Wow,Lucy, I am impressed, so impressed with your wonderful posting! Gosh, what a great history of your happenings! You are like your mother, detailed and interesting in everything you write. I love all the people, the sheep and camels and yes, even cats. What fun to see your apartment, dried up swimming pool and the clothes washer right there in the kitchen. What a beautiful and inviting place. It makes your mission all the more real! You are doing a marvelous work and a wonder. I love you guys!