Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Shepherd

The other day we came upon a flock of sheep and thought the symbolism or our mission and gathering in His sheep might make a good picture.

The trouble was, that we couldn't get a good picture together without a camera man- and besides, the sheep just ran from me.

So we asked this "friendly" shepherd to take our picture together with the sheep in the back ground...So this is what we got!

 So we decided to bring the young elders and sisters with us a few days later on preparation day to get a real "Feed My Sheep" picture.

That didn't work too well either as the sheep ran away from Elder Neville pictured here. Larnaca is on the  far horizon.
We decided to take another route.

 We got permission from President Charles to go ride the camels!
 Tons of fun! Sisters Roberts and Virkamaki (not shown) on the first camel and Elders Neville and Deeley on the second.

 Ah, there she is!  Sister Virkamaki with Sister Roberts!

 Yes, I was a coward and didn't ride, but who would take these excellant shots? At least I didn't cut off their heads.

 It was truly a wonderful Prep Day at the Camel Park!

Feeding some of the elect, Sarah and Abbas, with the sisters. 

Their beautiful daughter Kimmia has actually warmed up to me.

Another elect!  Jamal loves to discuss the Book of Mormon and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with us. He even made some sushi for us on Wednesday. Wish we all could have devoured it, but it was a little hard to swallow.  We are glad he doesn't feel that way about the things he is being taught! He devours the gospel!

This week's stray with Sisters Roberts and Virkamaki.

Just one more shot of these wonderful elders and sisters.  They keep us young!  WE LOVE OUR MISSION! of course!


  1. The camels look fun? I love the feed my sheep picture with out heads, I guess Its a John the Baptist shot! (I should be struck right now)
    Sushi, that would be hard to take, glad he wasn't offended when he fed you!

  2. Great times! Thanks for taking the time to post pictures and tell us about your life. (I will try and do better with my blog--so you can see pics and such). Anyways, love the camels and the lady with a headless partner. The sheep are cool looking--very hairy! The elders and sisters must love y'all! What a great group you have to work with!! The sushi looks wonderful! I love that stuff and it looks delicious to me--will he make me some when I come?? Love and miss ya!!

  3. That picture with Uncle Virgil's head cut off made me laugh really hard! It looks like you guys are having success, and having a fun time, too. I'm glad you have such great members and other missionaries to work with!