Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our Flat

 I had to add this picture for our blogging buddy, Keith, who is the father of our dear Elder Held, pictured here with equally amazing Elder Psota on New Years Eve at a fish and chips cafe the night before transfers.

 This picture disappeared from the blog I just did 20 minutes ago-- Kali and Eve Georgevi, the only young women in the branch. I had to do this blog today in two seprate entries.  It just kept disappearing.  And WHERE is the spell check?  Sorry.

 My sister asked for a few pictures of our apartment here in Larnaca.  Ours is the second floor one with the nice balcony.

 We even have a swimming pool, although none of the tenants have seen anything but rain water in it.  Ah, well, missionaries aren't really swimmers unless baptizing in the sea when a huge wave catches them off guard.

 We are thankful to have a place to park our car off the street where they often get scratched and dented.  Ours is the grey Avis rental one.

This old dryer on our balcony produced lots of scratchy towels and clothes, but I didn't mind too much hanging everything outside on beautiful days.

The new dryer produces wonderfully soft, warm clothes.  Thank you Elder Christensen for the perfect gift! Only Euro 139 on sale-- about $200.

 Our convenient kitchen. Yes, that is a clothes washer, not a dish washer!
 A comfortable living room greets us as we come in the door.

There is a nice extra bedroom for guests.  I couldn't get the master bedroom, but you get the idea.

 I had to add this random picture of one of our investigtors, Christian, also a Bulgarian.  He is 19 and wants to serve a mission, but he better get baptized first!

Another out of order picture, but a typical place to find Elder Christensen who keeps a journal of our amazing mission.  I am trying to keep the picture journal, which is this blog.  Thank you for viewing/reading it. I am even learning how to comment on your comments. This mission in Cyprus rocks!  That was for the grandkids! No current cat pictures.


  1. Love reading your entries and looking at your pictures. Thanks for doing this one on your apartment. Love it.

    1. So glad you are keeping up with our mission through Virgil's journal and my blog. We appreciate your kind words and wish to thank you for getting Dad's mission letters to mom on e-mail for us. He was so amazing to serve a mission while he was married and Mom was equally valiant in having their first child and working to support him in every way while he was gone. He must have been one of the last missionaries to serve while married. I am so glad Virgil and I have each other here in Cyprus. It would be really hard otherwise, so we find great council, comfort and encouragement from his letters. Thank you!

  2. Mom, I really liked this blog post. I love seeing what the living conditions are like. It looks like y'all have a pretty nice place to live. The clothes hanger reminds me of what we used on our mission. Our towels were so stiff that they would scratch my skin when I would dry off. Keep the posts coming, I love it

  3. Thanks Martina! Can't wait for you, Samantha, Dennis and Erica to come and be our first visiters!

  4. I love seeing/reading about your mission. You and Virgil are among my heroes. The people you are serving are so blessed. I love you!!

  5. Mom, I can't believe how much you have posted since the last time I read your blog. It is awesome! I like your apartment. It is nice to be able to visualize it now.