Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Love these pretty grand daughters, Gretchen, Whitney, Shantelle and Brooklyn Waltman.

We had a birthdayparty for Lance and a little missionary fireside for us at Bryan's house last Sunday.  It was wonderful having all the kids ask questions and give us advice.  So touching for us.

Here are Emma Waltman and Brooklyn.  Cute little cousins!  How they will change while we are gone!

Here is Darren waiting to give his advice about writing home and being good to the young elders in Cyprus.  He told us our example in serving would do more for our family than anything we could do here.  Thanks Darren!

We had the oldest grandkids to breakfast this morning after seminary.  Grandpa makes the best light hotcakes known to man--or at least the grandkids!

Crazy kids dancing for us after breakfast. Lyndon, Whitney, Wesley, Gretchen and Shantelle break fast brake dancing.  We are going to miss these kids!
If I did this right,  the next thing should hopefully be Lyndon jumping the rope!


  1. you need to learn how to do videos mom...we will teach you before you leave for Cyprus. <3 you mama

  2. by the way, tell lyndon not to wear my shawl anymore....