Saturday, November 5, 2011

I found some pics to practise blogging and to keep us remembering on the mish!

Mark holding Reese Miller, Jennifer's youngest. She and her mother came for a visit in October.

We wined and dined Jennifer shown here with Aaron.

                     Strange brothers, Aaron and Dennis.

Cute newly weds--actually a year already!  Mark and Samantha.

Not so cute, but ready to serve the Lord in 3 short weeks.

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 Reese loved being at Grandpa's house without all her brothers and sisters. She got pretty spoiled!
Trying to perfect a hotdog, Samantha and Jennifer!

Scared D. Cat and Dennis' dog.

 Carter and kitty. I am going to love these cat pics on the mish! JK.  It's really the grand kids I will miss!

Maren, Grant, Dennis, Erica and Bryan at Texas Road House. It seems like we are forever eating!

Our other young married couple here in Oklahona, Grant and Maren.


  1. Good pictures and stuff! You're becoming a mighty fine blogger!

  2. Aunt Lucy, love looking at the pictures!! Did you see my picture of you for your birthday?? I don't really think you are a witch i promise!! :)

  3. isn't that the cat that dennis's dog ate? And now you're giving the owner Twister?

  4. I need a copy of that picture of Dennis and Aaron. Good stuff!