Sunday, November 27, 2011

Last days in OK

We had some Thanksgiving parties and company this week.  Here are Maren and Kim comparing their size, Kim due in Feb. and Maren in June.  We are so thankful for the coming babies, even though we won't be home for their births.

Poor little Brooklyn broke her leg at the dodge ball tournament.

Stoddard and Beckham with Grandpa before the setting apart for our mission.

Travis and Johanna with their youngest child, Tuff.

Grandkids singing at the setting apart.

Sarah and Carmen with Twister.

Carter and Chandler looking and singing like little tiny angels.

I love these cute boys!

Mark can really ruin a perfectly good picture!

JR and Carol Brown came to the setting apart for our mission.  What good friends they are to us.


  1. Maren and Kim are so cute with their baby bumps! :) I really like the picture that mark totally ruined.

  2. Wow Mark really CAN ruin a good picture! Loved all the pictures! We will be praying for you guys! love you and good luck!

  3. I love Maren and Kim. They look so cute! I'm sorry you have to miss these babies and Jennifer's coming!